I hear you (Coffee Chat – Part 2)

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Let’s finish our cup of coffee together while you tell me what brings you here. Is it a feeling of isolation; of being alone? Have you been waiting to find “your person” who will, without question, understand you? Perhaps you need to hear a voice out there that says: “I GET IT!” Are you broken with raw emotion that has nowhere to land, but on these pages? I have been there many times. I hear you!


Is the affliction I see in your eyes begging for company right now?  Chronic illness, Depression, or Crippling fear? Which is it? The look of distress that once stared back at me was a cancerous tumor and the ravages of radiation. I remember what I called the “foggy brain, chronic pain, feelin’ insane” aftermath! 

What is the affliction you have been wrestling with to the point of exhaustion? What is that thing that makes daily life a constant challenge? I sense the anger and regret that lurks behind the shattered framework of who you used to be. 

Are you in need of a companion to share the grief of your daddy’s death?  Or maybe it’s the decision to place your momma in memory care that has left you feeling fragile. How could you have predicted then that a pandemic would prevent you from seeing her or hugging her? It must feel like you are grieving alone. I will sit and listen. Nights are the worst, aren’t they?

I don’t mean to pry. I know you find it difficult to talk about your son’s addiction.

It hurts. So deep.

It feels like a vacuum of darkness where you are unable to breathe.

You tell me you feel shame. You’ve been judging yourself unfairly.

Let me set my mug down right here and hug you for a while. You can cry. I know I have, many times.


Weariness hangs heavy on your shoulders. Though you groan in the rubble of the dark places, you need not continue to live there. May I walk you along a different path; A path that points to the Holy Spirit, who promises to help you in your weakness? His groans, too deep for words, will beckon you in your brokenness and turn your deep longing into a life you’ve longed for. There is more than where you’ve been. There is so much more.


Come. Tell me. What brings you here today? I’d love to listen!


Let me pour you another cup.


Catherine Lamont

Catherine resides, with her husband, Ian, in the small mining town of Globe, Arizona. The tug on her heart is to share with others how she overcame her greatest battles in life by groaning with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to lead her to find a life with peace and joy! She seeks to honor God by providing encouragement, support, and hope for women struggling with their own life altering struggles.


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