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Even If ~ I Trust in You

Prologue: I wrote this piece several years ago and never published it. Although intensely personal, I share it in hopes that it resonates with other mommas out there who share this same fear.   In the silence of ourselves, we sit next to one another yet worlds apart. Lost in a private fog, it never…

A Desolate Wilderness is Reborn

Driving along the well-worn rural highway, I caught my breath at the scenery before me. The lush desert on the way to the lake was in charred ruin. Multiple wildfires had obliterated the landscape in this area for miles. I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye as I drove on in disbelief…

What Seems Like Eternity is God’s Perfect Timing

“Cinderella, Dressed in Yella’ Went upstairs To kiss her fella’. Made a mistake, And kissed a snake. How many doctors did it take? 1,2,3,4…” I’m going to take a guess that when you read that verse, you said it in sing-song rhythm! This nostalgic rhyme takes me back to my playground days of skipping rope…

The Random Act of Intentional Love

– About Me – Dishes clattered in the background, but silence hovered at our table. Sharing breakfast with my daughter at a local diner, we deftly attempted to keep tears from escaping our eyes. It was a downhearted meal, a problem in a moment that I no longer remember. What I do remember is this:…

Finding a Bit of Heaven on Earth

– About Me – One of my favorite movies is “A Walk to Remember.” Have you seen it? I love the life lessons it teaches about Redemption, love, and grace. However, my favorite scene involves the leading young man’s attempt to impress his lady by helping her accomplish an item on her bucket list. The…

Catherine Lamont

Catherine resides, with her husband, Ian, in the small mining town of Globe, Arizona. The tug on her heart is to share with others how she overcame her greatest battles in life by groaning with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to lead her to find a life with peace and joy! She seeks to honor God by providing encouragement, support, and hope for women struggling with their own life altering struggles.


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