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Did you know that moths are nocturnal and attracted to light? If you use your porch light, I'm sure you are irritatingly aware!
Interesting tidbit: moths navigate best by a natural light source such as the sun, moon, and stars. It seems they become easily distracted by artificial lighting.

"Like a moth to a flame" is an expression that means "irresistibly attracted." The firelight is deceptive, drawing them in and burning them in the flame. Shifting shadows from artificial light cause moths to skitter in mass and clump together in a state of confusion. They dart through our doors looking for that ever-elusive light source only to find the deceit of imitation, leading to further skittering through the shadows.

Whose light are you following today?

Flashing media screens await us from the time we wake to the time we go to sleep. The notification light on our phones taunts us to stop what we are doing and read the day's current drama.

Saved from the fire #2


Caustic debates draw us in, much like watching a train know what's coming, but you can't look away

Saved from the fire #3


Your opinion encroaches on my opinion. My sentiment sits in exploding silence to avoid confrontation-

Saved from the fire #4


Whirling texts demand: "Vote Now!" "Vote for ME!"
"Who Do You Stand For?"
The predominantly growing lie that won't leave us alone? "You are not intelligent enough on your own. Let us tell you what to think."

Saved from the fire #5


Like moths, plastered against the screen, we are stuck there, scurrying, skittering, agitated, and confused. We let ourselves be drawn to the soul-sucking, wrong kind of light.

James 1:16-17(NIV)
"Do not be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

I don't know about you, my friend, but I'm growing weary of those shifting shadows. None of them are dependable. Some are downright deadly to my soul! They try to lure me away from old and dear friends, or them from me. They cause me uncertainty, fear, and agitation. There is no joy as I skitter nervously through the artificial light of my day.

Saved from the fire #6

And then...

The first light of morning comes streaming into my presence.
Tension releases from my body. A new day awaits. I resolve to log off from all the white noise that distracts and destroys. I turn my face to the natural light and close my eyes. Warmth soaks in. The wordless groans of the Lord seem to seep into every crevice of my being, bringing new life to these dry bones. It whispers:

"Trust Me." "Follow Me."

Saved from the fire #7

There is no skittering. No scurrying.

There is stillness.




Clarity of mind overcomes confusion. Calm conquers fear. Peace disables agitation. Truth places Deception into the grave.


Saved from the fire #8

This light is good. It is the light that heals me, guides me, and calms me. This light will not deceive me. It is "every good and perfect gift from above." It is from the "Father of the heavenly lights."

None of us know what the future will look like. While our individual circumstances are varied, uncertainty looms ahead for everyone. This fact, we can all agree.

Choosing the heavens' light will provide us all the navigation we need to get through this season. His light is not the artificial light that distracts us from our purpose. His light is steady, removing the shifty shadows of deception, grief, agitation, and uncertainties of this life. It "pierces our darkness." (John 8:12)

Saved from the fire #9

Trust Him. Follow Him. Be an example. His authentic flame will never burn you.

Saved from the fire #10

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