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Be the Twisted Kiss in Someone Else’s Scars

– About Me – Tell me about your scars. Not just the ones that disfigure the face, neck, and body. Like the gnarled, numb, and useless hands, debilitating headaches, and unyielding joints. Have they taken up residence on your private property? Were you once eagle-eyed, and now dim sighted? Do you hear garbled sounds coming…

No Trace of The Stain

– About Me – Raise your hand if you love a good crime mystery! My hand is right up there with yours! I lovethe whole whodunnit, crime scene-detecting, web-spinning mess! There always seems to be ascene when the detective turns out the lights and pans the luminol-covered room to reveal tracesof blood left behind to…

Crawling Out From The Sorrow To Perfect Peace

– About Me – I pulled into the gas station and turned the ignition off. Fumbling in my purse for a debit card, I was startled by a tap on the window. My heart stopped momentarily, then sank at the sight before me. It was him.My son. My once beautiful, bright-eyed, curious, funny, witty, son…

Perfect Love Casts out Fear

– About Me – Shutting down the rancid noise of social media, I sat clicking my pen while mulling over the idea of ‘fear’ as a topic for my next blog. Fear is spilling out of memes and trickling down my screen at an alarming rate these days. Every place I go, every sweet soul…

A Very UN-Father’s Day

– About Me – Welcome! Today I am blessed to see a dream come true with the launching of my Blog site! Wordless Groans is a concept that has rolled around in my head and formalized from Romans 8:26 (ESV):   This day of release, Father’s Day, perfectly embodies the heart and soul of Wordless…

Catherine Lamont

Catherine resides, with her husband, Ian, in the small mining town of Globe, Arizona. The tug on her heart is to share with others how she overcame her greatest battles in life by groaning with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to lead her to find a life with peace and joy! She seeks to honor God by providing encouragement, support, and hope for women struggling with their own life altering struggles.


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