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Today we have hope in Christ, Jesus, as our memorial rock. We can cross over from hopelessness and build an altar of hope on the other side.

Hope is Only a Stone’s Throw Away

– About Me – “I have great plans for him.” The Lord’s voice spoke so clearly to my conscience as I laid, face planted, into my carpet. I had been praying for my seven-year-old boy, who would be facing a total of three hip surgeries to repair a rare bone disease. I’d never heard God…

There is Hope in the Hardship of Our Stories

– About Me – On a tough day like today, the story of a young man’s redemption, perseverance, and hope can be enough to mend our shattered worlds when we think all hope is lost. Recently, my husband met up with a man he had not seen in years. He’d had a rough season in…

When Crushing Moments are Met with Silence

– About Me – ***SPOILER ALERT: This message contains major spoilers for the movie: City of Angels!! Crushed. In. Spirit It feels like being hit by a Mack truck. I know where you’re at right now. The dreams you had. The unanswered prayers. The downward spiral of one travesty after another. “How many times…” you…

Finding Thankfulness for the Wayward One

– About Me – Trouble sleeping? I know the feeling. My 3:00 am brain clutter is beginning to overwhelm me.  I toss and turn, thinking of one scenario after another. I Borrow the possibility of trouble from tomorrow to haunt the reality of today. This is not a good bedtime practice! Is it the upcoming…

Saved From The Fire

– About Me – Did you know that moths are nocturnal and attracted to light? If you use your porch light, I’m sure you are irritatingly aware!Interesting tidbit: moths navigate best by a natural light source such as the sun, moon, and stars. It seems they become easily distracted by artificial lighting. “Like a moth…

Catherine Lamont

Catherine resides, with her husband, Ian, in the small mining town of Globe, Arizona. The tug on her heart is to share with others how she overcame her greatest battles in life by groaning with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to lead her to find a life with peace and joy! She seeks to honor God by providing encouragement, support, and hope for women struggling with their own life altering struggles.


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